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Handcrafted Quartz Wooden Watch
Handcrafted Quartz Wooden Watch
Handcrafted Quartz Wooden Watch

Handcrafted Quartz Wooden Watch

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Wood is one of the most replenishable commodities on this planet. It is also one with the widest choice of variety and origin. It gives the skilful designer the freedom of producing beautiful products without the need for massive industrialisation. This natural commodity has finally arrived in the manufacture of watches.

This watch is a perfect example of this new trend. With an advanced precision quartz movement, it will always provide you with the exact time so now you can focus on the design. This watch will be unique. There will be no other watch exactly the same, something the use of wood guarantees. It will be a talking point amongst your friends and family as they take notice of your individuality.

It is also at a price point you can certainly afford. This will allow you to consider acquiring more than one so that you can adapt the watch you wear to the other fashion choices you make. It also allows you to consider a wood watch as a fantastic gift for the people you care about. You can be sure they don't have one and will be also delighted to enjoy the same benefits of this new trend in watches.

Select your shade of vintage strap to pair with this distinguished men's watch! Simply adore its classic, easy-going look! Stately, not to mention, punctual - this gadget's effortless look makes for another great addition to your everyday look!


  • Band Length: 24 cm
  • Diameter: 3.8 cm  

Notice: The watch is handmade from natural wood so it may have some natural deviations from the product photo.