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Almost everyone has inside of them the desire to do a good deed. Unfortunately, we never seem to get around to it or never come across the opportunity to do so. The fact is, as human beings, we all share the same, beautiful planet and we should really take into consideration those who are less fortunate and try and help them. After all, they also struggle to survive, just as we do. If we had a family, no income and no food for our own children, would we be appreciative if someone were to help us?

 This seems even more relevant as the holiday period approaches. We will probably spend hundreds, if not thousands, on gifts and products which are not always designed to help the recipients survive a major crisis. In fact, in many cases these gifts are often excessive and things which they could actually live without!

But what if there were a way to connect our gift giving with a good deed? What if this good deed were to even motivate the purchase? Might that give us even more satisfaction when we know we are contributing in a sustainable way to the lives of people in need on another part of this planet?

 We at Watches-in-Wood have thought long and hard about this issue and have come up with what we believe to be a great solution. A great product gift that you and your recipients will love and the perfect opportunity to help a less-fortunate family on the other side of the world, all without any effort on your part. We support the global "Trees For The Future" Project and want to give you the opportunity to join us in supporting them.

With the purchase of every single watch on our website, we will donate one unit to Trees Of The Future which will enable them plant ten trees in Africa and help a family create a "Tree Garden" which will not only provide them with food but also an income from the produce they will be able grow and harvest. This is a well established practise and we recommend you investigate in detail how this organisation is helping change the world we live in.

Here is an excerpt from their latest financial report (2017):

"Trees for the Future, Inc. (“the Organisation”) was incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland in 1989 as a tax-exempt charitable organisation. The Organisation’s purpose is to improve the livelihoods of impoverished families by planting trees that return prosperity to degraded lands. Trees for the Future aims to end hunger and poverty for a million people using its Forest Garden Approach, a four year training program that lifts subsistence farmers out of extreme poverty and provides opportunities, productivity and income never before imaginable."

So go back to our shop with the realisation that when you purchase one or more of our products you will be helping a poor family on the other side of the world to self-sustain themselves, their family and maybe their whole community for years to come. Watches-in-Wood.

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